invsblecats (invsblecats) wrote,

Thanks Diane for the live journal.

Sunday Morning at about 12:30,
At Diane's house, my best friend in the whole world. Enough sappy!

Yay for lying to people on the interent! Diane is telling some guys she is a 72 year old whore! Thats the SH&*!

i start school on monday and would rather not, Summer wen by way to fast and yeah

The one good thing about school is that i am in the marching band, and it is an awesome program!!! I am section leader of the low brass( for the non band people that includes Tubas, trombones, and baritones!) with three sections things get pretty chaiotic!! is that spelt right? Who knows! Anyway i am also field assisatant! Basically a drum major in training! YAY! So yeah anyway!

Ok so lets be honest with myself here! I am a gay male, just ended a relationship with this guy, who like a dummie I met on the internet! I mean how stupid was that? Maybe not as stupid as i think it is at the moment but thats a whole nother story!

I have been open with myself for about a year now. And admitted to a friend just a month ago! It feels better knowing that a friend knows! Diane is awesome!!!

So yeah

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