invsblecats (invsblecats) wrote,

what ever

This past weekend has brought into reality, laready that which was known. Firstly, I have no desire to have a hedro relationship. Second, that I am pathetic and stupid.

About that the last comment...let me explain. I allow things to get to personal. Anything that happens in my life I allow to escalade and then blow them way out of proportion, and then finally end up hating myself becuase I allowed things to get so out of hand. Why I do these things is beyond me. Personally life would be easier if there was an instruction maual that told me how life is suppose to work. Or give help on how to solve problems that we encounter. Perhaps there is no manual to life is becuase if there was we wouldnt be ourselves rather what we are told to do. I what a tangled web we weave!

Here is the itnro to a story of mine!

There are some things better left to chance. Left to live lives of untold stories, left to unknown heroes, remembered by the little man but forgotten by the world. Some of us will change the world others will impact the same. Every step you take will leave two upon someone else. Everything you take, you take away from someone else. The time we have here is but a blink in time, void of all meaning.

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